Friday, 20 May 2011

There will be Certainty in Equal Money System – Products:


When buying something it would be convenient if it lasted. I had a pair of headphones that came with a 2 year warranty, it broke after the two year warranty. many such examples. expired_time-150x150

Some products you simply do not know when they will break. I was in a waiting room and i was watching this guy making himself a cup of filter coffee. He first tested the handle of the glass container to see if it will break or not. He then looked at me and said: ‘’ you never know when it might break’’.

This guy probably had some experience with stuff breaking unexpectedly. Some can only afford the cheap products that break easily.

Same with cars, how dependable a car is is based on how much you pay for it. Some cars break down when you least expect it, or something goes wrong and this can be dangerous to the driver and other drivers.

One thing we consumers do know is that our stuff will eventually break  - we don't know when, but it will break. It is designed to break so that companies can make more money.

We have low quality products because it is cheap to make – even though it last only a few months, not even. And this consumes a substantial amount of resources. And in the end it is wasted. 

Instead with the Equal Money System we can produce products of the highest quality possible. Then there is certainty that it will last. The safety of drivers is certain because everybody will have the best, safe and good quality cars. Or transportation will be safer. No more buses breaking down or catching fire. Planes crashing. No more headphones breaking due to crappy construction. No more hours wasted on trying to fix a faulty car due to crappy construction and time making it fall apart.

We have certainty in a Equal Money System. Time for change.