Sunday, 1 May 2011

Fishers go hungry after Ban to keep Beach for the Rich

For years the only way to make a living for some people is to fish of the beach piers. Some could make between R250 and R500 extra a month. And since the ban people have been unable to even feed themselves or their families. They depended on selling fish to get by.

The Durban City banned fishing of the piers to make the beach more pleasant for swimmers and surfers and to enjoy themselves as well as tourists. They obviously don’t care about the livelihood of those fishermen who are starving or need the money to pay for their children’s education.

Can you live with only R250 a month? For a house, food ad school fees?
What is the solution to this? The City wants to give the fisherman a pier just for them – unfortunately the fish don’t go to that pier. The city said they must use boats to do fishing – How are they to afford a boat? Where will they keep the boats? There are hundreds of fisherman making a so called living on the fish.

What is the real solution? Equal Money System. You won’t starve anymore because the fish don’t bite. You won’t need to go everyday for your whole life and fear the hunger of yourself and your family if the fish don’t bite. We all need to eat – so everybody will have enough to eat.

Our current economic system is destroying lives. If you don’t have money then you don’t exist, you don’t matter.

It is time for this abuse to end and for all life to matter – Equal Money System