Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Save the People or The Wild? Both


elephants-tmWatching Planet Earth – The Future series. They are talking about plans for conserving wild animals and keeping them from going extinct. The mayor problem for the animals are that some of them share their environment with poverty stricken communities.

The people destroy the environment by  burning grass fields each year to fertilise the ground to have better growing grass for grazing their livestock. They need to do this to ensure money for them. This process however kills the wildlife.

ivory12You cant go to them and tell them they must stop, animals going extinct doesn't mean anything to them. If you had an option to keep a tree standing or feed your family…


Before we can find a solution to conserving wildlife we must find a solution to poverty. And if you have noticed there is no solution – nobody has been able to end poverty that has been around since the beginning of the system. That is because our economic system cannot function without poverty.

There is however a solution to end poverty and conserve wildlife indefinitely – Equal Money System.

We can see that money and the lack of money is the cause for poverty and wildlife going extinct. So in a Equal Money system we will investigate what human populated areas cause damage to the environment and see where we can make improvements or relocate. The people wont need to burn vulnerable grass lands in order to make money, or clear forests to make space for money making facilities, because everyone will have enough.

Children will be educated on the ecosystem and the importance thereof. And since making money to survive wont be the purpose of life we can start by cleaning up the mess we have made. We wont be limited by money in order to do something that needs to be done like taking care of nature. It would only require those who care.

The problem with those who care in this world now is that they don't have the money or time to care, because they need time to make money to survive.

It is about time we do something about our way of living – simply look at the earth – it is not working for everybody and most suffer for it.

Let us then bring in the Equal Money System as the final permanent solution to everything.