Saturday, 21 May 2011

Jesus Not Here–Where did the Money Go?


And so the Day comes to a close, and nothing happened. 347846291_64957c38fe

Many have dedicated their lives to spreading the message of Jesus coming May 21. Churches and Christian radio stations have asked their believers to donate their life’s savings to them . Many have given up everything they had for a belief that they wont need it when Jesus comes.

Allot of accessories like T-shirts, paintings on cars all of which cost money have been bought by believers. So some people coined it big time.

What now?

Jesus didn't come, hundreds are probably sitting without anything. Will the church refund their believers? No they wont. Will the believers still believe the lies? Probably yes. Some excuse will be made. Note that this has happened before many times and all they do is change the date.

Stop wasting time waiting and believing that churches actually care about anything else than money. They rather give out bibles than provide food for the starving. They do not assist in finding solutions to the worldly problems we face daily. They don't follow the basic message of ‘’Love Thy Neighbour ‘’.

We Destonians spread the real message of Jesus. We are finding solutions to end all suffering. To make this earth heaven for everyone. No deceit. No Abuse.

Ask the Churches why they are not doing what is best for all.

End the lies with a Equal Money System

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