Saturday, 14 May 2011

Save the Earth - Join protest against God


So the Apocalypse is close with one week to go. May 21 marks the date of the second coming.

burning-earth-210x210I have been living among animals for years now – at the farm we have ducks, geese, horses, chickens dogs, cats, an assortment of wild birds, 2 bucks, unknown amount of lizards. Then there's the insects that range from big to small and allot of trees and plants. And we have been taking care of them wherever we can.

There is more life on this farm than humans on earth.

So I call to all animal lovers – people who really go out of their own way to care for animals and I call nature lovers in general. When the Second Coming of Jesus is here, he will pass judgment. Those unworthy go to hell. Others to heaven. Then the earth will be destroyed!!! Yes. Goodbye animal Kingdom.

Earth Burned. Nature Burned. All that time and effort caring for the animals and trees and plants to make their lives comfortable for nothing. Animals and nature doesn't matter to God. Those who work closely and care for animals see the life in them. The very same life that will be taken from them by God.

Most of us can see that our human lifestyle is the cause of most suffering in nature, because of our need for money. And that something has to happen to end the suffering. Total annihilation is not the only option.

So if Jesus comes we protest against God for crimes against Life. I will not stand by and watch earth burn.

We must consider a new world system that supports all life on earth. Where abuse is impossible. Don't wait for the afterlife and hope you go to heaven – Instead with the Equal Money System we make this earth our permanent home, our heaven. And when we die we can be rest assured that we leave others behind in world free from suffering.

This is doable. This is Practical. Investigate Equal Money System as the alternative to the Apocalypse and a definitive permanent solution to end all suffering.


Don't Burn the Earth – We will Bring Heaven Here.

Desteni I Process – To save humanity