Sunday, 6 November 2011

The B.I.G Solution – Bailing Out the Suffering


So we can agree that it is generally accepted that if you cannot afford a roof over your head you sleep on the streets. Or If you cannot afford food you Matti Freeman (9)die. Basically we have accepted and allowed the fact that if you don't have money then you wont have a life. The fact that we participate daily in this economic system shows we agree to all the aspects of it – all the hopes, dreams and suffering that goes with it.

Poverty still exist – because it actually helps the economy. Those in poverty do all your low end jobs or other jobs for cheap which means less cost for the company to make a better profit or to sell it cheaper so the consumer saves money. Slavery is still at large – even though they get ‘’paid’’ its barely enough to survive. We have half the world in poverty.  We have a world where the ‘’Better’’ half is using the lesser halves as slaves. Welcome to the world of Economic Slaves.

The Economic slaves are the ones doing all the work and getting none of the benefits – they don't get to reap what they sow. And they have no choice but to agree to the system  - you cannot live on an empty stomach. And so control and continuing agreements are kept and the rich stay happy and fulfilled while the rest suffer. That is life as we have created it.

And we can see that it is causing immense suffering yet we all hope that if we work harder that promotion will come or i will win the lottery or god will answer my prayers and reward me with a successful future with lots of money so that i can also have a taste of the ‘good life’. And so we hope instead of questioning this reality looking for ways to end the suffering.

That can be done with the Equal Money System. Then everybody can have the ‘good life’'. Although we have allot of work to do before everybody has the good life. The good life being – guaranteed decent food, water, house, electricity, internet, education and never to worry about ever losing it. We have the means and resources to do it – to give everybody an insured decent life for life. But that would be a new economic system that would take some time to implement so first we have to look at a solution to the suffering caused within this current world economic system.

The Basic Income Grant is a system that is proven that it works and is something that can be implemented within this world economic system. IT would solve uncountable amount of major problems with todays poverty stricken population. Those who are unemployed and unable to get jobs and are suffering and dying because of it would get an income – and here we have to look it very carefully as to the amount. It has to be a decent amount and not a bare minimum. It has to be enough to have a decent safe home with electricity and sanitation, enough food and access to water, proper clothing and proper education as well as transport to educational facilities.

That would end the suffering of so many. But then the question comes – who would do all the work? Who would do the crappy jobs? The fear of Who will do the work is actually --what will happen if there are no more economic slaves? We will be one step closer to a dignified life without another's suffering  being another's bread – a world without slaves!

How many jobs out there are actually necessary? Packing food, filling gas, scrubbing shoes. How many jobs can be replaced by machines? The only reason why people are against the use of machines is because it eliminates jobs for humans. With Equal money machines will be welcomed – even with the basic income grant.

And it is not required for everybody to work! 7 billion people – are there really 7 Billion jobs in the world. NO.

The Greece and other Bailouts show that there is enough money to fund this. The resources used on the military fir instance an be redirected towards the betterment for humanity. Which ever way we do it it must be done. The Occupy Wall street movements shoe that people had enough and the Basic Income Grant is something that would assist. 

So it would be beneficial for everybody to live without suffering and with B.I.G it is possible in the current economic system.

So join us at Desteni where we investigate practical solutions  to problems we face today within and without. Join the Movement into a world of Equality a first step in the political agenda of the Equal Life Party worldwide once we start participating in democratic elections.

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P.S: Thanks for reading up to this point – people listening is the first step…