Saturday, 19 November 2011

The End to Dolphin Captivity is HERE!!


Do yourself a favour and watch the documentary – The Cove.

Rick O’Barry is the well known dolphin trainer who trained the 5 females who played ‘flipper’ in the popular TV series. Without know41575_136308216411400_3078_ning it at the time the TV series created a desire for people to touch and play with dolphins which then resulted in a multi-billionaire industry profiting from the exploitation of dolphins in captivity like Sea World.

Dolphins do not breathe automatically like we do – they have to make a conscious effort to take a breath. Its self willed breathing. And if things het too much they commit suicide by simply stop breathing which happened to one of the flipper dolphins – kathy – she swam up to him and died in his arms. From that day he realized that dolphins where not meant for captivity and went on a mission to free dolphins from captivity.

Wild dolphins live up to 45 years, but in captivity half die within 2 years. The other half have an average of about 5 years. 53% of the dolphins that survive capture die within 3 months. All this is just routine operating expenses. All for the sake of profit.

At the moment these animals are enduring unimaginable suffering – just to entertain those with money. How do we put an end to this? By taking the need for money to survive away.

All this suffering is due to money – and as we can see money is more important than life. And as long as we live in a world based on the need for money to survive and profit then dolphins have a very bleak future. We need a new system where life is actually important. Where life is considered, respected and honoured. We are supposed to be the custodians of earth – dedicated to preserve nature and help the animals where we can. Not to exploit them.

And with the Equal Money System life will not be about money anymore but about all beings living free from the moment of birth to death and never live in fear of it being taken away. And as the results show dolphins in captivity is pure abuse and thus there will be no dolphins kept in captivity.

So join us to end abuse in all ways permanently by starting at the source – YOU and ME. You can Read all about the system that would change the way we live:

Also visit the equal money Wiki :