Sunday, 13 November 2011

What would life be like if you did not have to pay to be alive?


What would life be like if you did not have to pay to be alive? Basically all life is is you learn in school how to make money – then you pretty much work your whole life, have children and then die and so the cycle goes on. And from the moment you are born MONEY decides your life.

Have a look – all choices are based on money. Family dynamics depend on MONEY. Where you live – what you eat – your future  - It all depends on money.

The question we all should ask ourselves is how different our lives would be if money was not  lifes goal. Where life wasn't about just surviving. Where we didn't need to exploit the earth and the animals to make profit. Where we didn't need to pay to acquire critical human needs. Where we didn’t have to be self centred families to protect our own against those who also need to live. Where a dignified live for all was the basic standard of living and anything less would be unacceptable.

Where we would not have to pay just to breathe.

We can either all keep dreaming or stop for a moment and realize that WE humans created the current system. And that WE HUMANS can stop it. Another question would be when is enough enough? How long till we see that the system we created in our likeness is flawed and unless we change ourselves we will forever be at mercy of our self created inevitable destructive consequences.

We can either all keep dreaming or create a world that would be worth living in for every being on earth. Join us to make it a reality. Be part of the solution – read the monthly ‘Freedom Blog Books’. In the Books it is explained how its possible to create a world based on EQUALITY – and it is done One by One until its done.

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