Wednesday, 30 November 2011

No More Relationships based on Money


Lets look at life – look at every single being in existence from the microscopic being to the blue whale and look at the way and of its life. It is to survive. And trillions of beings live according to that – survival.

In Nature it is like the the main goal in life – they have learned and evolved and adapted and everyday is am on going struggle to eat and not to be eaten. 

Humans are no different – if you want to know more about the nature of human just look at a documentary on nature. Nature is a reflection of us humans. We live also to survive and will adapt ourselves accordingly and do anything. Our survival has become about money. which brings me to one of the ways we use to survive and that is marrying money.

Allot of people are stuck in relationships, because if they leave they leave the one point of security have have which is money. So they will endure any abuse from the partner and keep a happy face – because they know you cannot live without money. It is so bad that the one with the money often knows the partner wont leave and then does whatever pleases them.

I have heard allot of parents tell their children half jokingly to marry someone with money – because that would be the easiest. Gold diggers. Its a common sight seeing a very young woman with an old rich man. Or most woman with rich men.

And so many people live like this married to money. Enduring a life of suffering and abuse or manipulation and deceit because they need the money.

In an equal money system this will END. Because you will not need money to survive anymore. No-one will be left for the wolfs just because they don't have money to live. No one will have to endure suffering and misery just to survive. Because from the day you are born to the day you die you will always be certain that you have a dignified life and that our children will have a dignified life. As it should be.

This will require a total new world system – one that's based on equality and life. Before we get to that we desperately need some solution to end the suffering those endure who have no money. The Basic Income Grant is that solution. Where people will get enough to buy food and have shelter. Not minimum, they must get enough . Isn't that  what you would like?

So lets end the abuse of the nature of the human which is money which is survival and lets start living for a change.

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