Thursday, 24 November 2011

The Solution to Permanently end Shark Finning


Finning - For those who don't know what this brutal gruesome crime against life is, its the cause of 100 millions shark deaths a year. Thshark_fin_soupey catch the shark – slice off its fins while its still alive and then tosses it back into the ocean. Sharks really need those fins so they eventually starve to death or die from the wounds, suffocate or get eaten, slowly.

Now the question is why is this being allowed to continue? What gives us the right to put another being through this torture? MONEY. A pound of dried shark fin goes for about $300 – its a multi billion dollar industry. Shark fin soup as well. And its only the fin that people like – the rest of the shark is considered ‘low quality meat’. So the sharks are being eradicated by the millions and will face extinction if this goes on - a reduction of 80% in some species in the last 50 years. 

There are various groups working to Ban shark finning and it has been banned in various places – but where there's money there is a way. The only way to truly end shark finning permanently is to stop the MAIN CAUSE which is the world economic system. The system where profit is above all ells. The fisherman need money to survive so they do these crappy cruel jobs to make a living. You take the need to survive and there will be no more slaves doing all the work so that those who desire it can eat it.

With the Equal Money System survival is replaced with actual living and everybody will always have enough. Animal torture is simply unacceptable and people do not need shark fins – its an unnecessary delicacy. It is also full of mercury so it actually poisonous. There are plenty other foods we can eat. And the equal money system wont be about profit or buying anymore. Its and Equal Value and equal life system.  No more profiting  from shark meat takes away the incentive to catch them. So as you can see shark finning will end permanently with the Equal Money System.

If you really want to see the end of abuse in all forms in this world then join us to make it a reality. I am part of a global movement to bring an end to our current way of living that do not consider all life equally. To se a change we must be the change. Follow these links for support and info :

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