Sunday, 30 October 2011

Will There Be Luxurious Hotels in an Equal Money System?


Let’s first look at what is needed for a 5 star hotel to operate – slaves. The Modern day name for slaves is servants. They are the ones doing all the work like cleaning, washing, cooking etc. so that those with more money can have a good time. In an Equal Money System there will be no more slaves to clean up after yourself so that aspect of hotel life will no longer exist. We are going to have to clean up after ourselves. Then there is the food. We will have to see what works best but it would probably be a self service situation.

The reason why luxurious Hotels exist today is for people to make money off people wanting a vacation or relaxing. They are usually situated in good and beautiful areas with various activities that again only exist to make money. So in Equal Money System where you won’t need money to survive allot of things will end.

There will be no more luxurious hotels as they exist today in and Equal Money System. They will more be based on self help, a short visit for those who wants some fun and see different things. We will have to consider the space and impact and maintenance the particular hotel has and make an assessment whether it Is practical to actually keep it or use the space for something else like  housing for people. Making sure everybody has a home would be a main priority.

With no more slaves to do all the work those who stay would have to help out. You will find that maintaining a luxurious hotel is actually is a bit of work. Remember that life in a Equal Money System will not be about making money, but simply about living in a practical and effective way that will always be best for all – that includes nature. That is the basic principle of the new system – Life.