Thursday, 6 October 2011

Cheapest Tablet - Access to the Digital World for ALL


India announced the Launch of what is dubbed the cheapest Tablet in the world going for $35.  Considering the price of an average Tablet  its not too bad actually.

The reason for a cheap tablet is to give the poorer and orimagesdinary people who cannot afford it access to the digital world. As well as give the poorer students the option of distance learning.  The Government is going to give away 100 000 tablets for free to poorer students.

Now the basic idea around this is cool – why should the rich only have access to everything – although India should first sort out the basics. Like feeding hungry people and all those other basic needs. But this tablet is not meant for the really really poor people only for those who can pay a bit and keep things moving like money and capitalism.

Also another point to look at here is the retail price for the iPad is about $629  - Does it really cost that much to make? Of course not. It can sell for that much because its for an exclusive market that rakes in the cash. Yeay capitalism.

The world is becoming more and more digital with the ever expanding internet, but it is still unfortunately a luxury most cannot really afford. The internet will become more  a part of us in the future – so much so that it would be one of our basic needs. And in a equal money system the Internet will be a human right as well.

But first lets sort out hunger and poverty and housing and electricity and sanitation and destruction of nature and countries and wars and famine and corruption and abuse and and and and and and and and and and etc.

How do we do that? With Equal Money. Join US. Real solutions. Real change. Real people coming together in the quest for equality for all.