Thursday, 20 October 2011

Saving Orphan Elephants–A Permanent Solution


A survey done in 1979 estimated that there was about 1.3 million African elephants. Today there is only about 500,000 left. The decline is due to poachers and loss of habitat to human development.

Poachers sell the Tusk and many eat or sell the meat. Then there is the farmers battle with the huge beings for farm land, because the elephants destroy it. IN these conflicts the farmer has a choice – either let the elephant destroy crops and loose money resulting in more difficulty surviving OR kill them and SAVE money and make surviving easier. For the Farmer the choice is obvious.

And so when they kill the older parent elephants and the babies who have nowhere to go or to take care of them are left to die. Thus the formation of the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust which is the worlds most successful orphan-elephant rescue and rehabilitation centre. They take in the traumatized babies and hand rear them until they are strong and big enough to go back to the wild.

Here we have cause and effect starting with MONEY– the need for money to survive drove people to kill the elephants because its always a choice between feeding yourself or starving/ kill the elephant or let it live. This then resulted in a massive decline in elephant population which in turn drove the formation of a group to clean up the mess and save the elephants.

The big problem here is money and as long as we require money to survive in this world the elephants have a very dark future or rather no future. We must start to reconsider our economic system. The consequences of our currents system is not what is best for all. That is where Equal Money System comes in which represents a permanent solution.

The poachers wont need to kill the elephant for tusks for money for surviving. The farmers is another problem. We will have to look at if their presence there is really necessary – if not then we leave it for the elephants. We can even rebuild their natural habitat because we wont be limited by money. And there are many animal enthusiast who already are dedicating their lives for the betterment of the animals who would jump at an opportunity to assist and support them in a permanent solution. Here it is.

So to all those dedicated to better life for all join us to make this a reality. Imagine what we can accomplish when we are not limited by money. We can then only start with the permanent solutions because the main cause for the suffering of the animals would be removed only an equal money system.