Friday, 7 October 2011

Samsung Sues–Who Really has the Right?


Samsung and Apple keep on fighting each other. Samsung now wants to ban the sales of iPhone 4S. They claim that Apple is violating THEIR intellectual property rights and freeriding THEIR technology.  Its like two spoilt children throwing tantrums.

Isn't this retarded? The way our world functions?

Lets go to the beginning process of inventing something cool -  Like the cellphone.

Here you have a device that would change the way we live. It would make peoples lives easier and eventually become totally futuristic with all sorts of cool features of which some is just stupid and some really handy.

The first thing that comes to mind is MONEY. I will make lots of money with this. Because that is how our world system works. No Matter how it would benefit humanity – it would be sold for money so the sellers can become wealthy.

It would never be made for free. It would be copyrighted and protected so that no other may use it for making money. Its in the best interest of the company that they protect their money at all cost – “screw humanity, we want money”.

Wouldn't it be better to look at it this way – Would this benefit humanity as a whole? If yes then it should be made available for all. Why do do only those with money get to be apart in this this world? Who’s world is this by the way?

Do those few really have the right? Shouldn't it be a right – a human right – that everybody that is born in this world have access to the world. Is this not our world? Isnt it unfair that a few people came up with an awesome concept – like the car – and then only those with enough money can have it?

Does it really have to be this way? No. I think it is retarded and unfair.

That is why I vote for an equal money system. Where we will not be countries, but earthlings. Everybody born equal with everyone having an equal opportunity at life with fear of survival will be non existent.

Where inventions and ideas and products that benefit the people will be available for the people. Practically free depending on what it is. Like electricity.

Our current World System is so retarded that people actually have to pay for food to live – and you know the truly horrible thing – if you cant pay for it you die! Yes, and we are all ok with that. We made it this way – what does that say about us…

Its time we stop being retarded. Become educated. Join Equal money. If you believe caring to be a feeling you are delusional and need to go here –