Sunday, 30 October 2011

Is it Possible to live in a World without Mental illness?


Will people still have mental illnesses in an equal money system?

There will definitely be less. You are either born with a mental illnesAA034249s or you develop it in your life based on how you handle experiences. So let’s look at some causes for mental illnesses and how it will change in an Equal Money System.

The environment like where you live – if you live In a place with high crime rate in can be very stressful. If you don’t have proper shelter or struggle to get enough money to feed the family that too can have an impact on you. The job you have could place too much pressure on you or you can’t keep a job. PTSD and anxiety are commonly found in people who have been abused. Then also it depends on your support structure from family or friends – either you don’t have anybody to support you in a crisis or they are incapable. Also how your parents raised you effects who you are today. If you get enough time to relax has a role on self development – if you are too busy to relax this can cause some undesired consequences.

Another factor in causes of mental illnesses is education. We are not taught how to effectively handle our emotions and feelings during events. Sure there are psychologists, but that is after the event and not a preventive point.

Almost all of the above mentioned causes can be related back to MONEY. Crime is mostly about the need for money. The stressful job is about the money. Stress due to not being able to feed you r family or keep a job are major factors in why parents become alcoholics or addicts and then abuse their children – and when the children grow up they will most likely also abuse their children and thus a vicious cycle starts. And whether you can relax or not also depends on the money you have.

So in an Equal Money System all that no longer exists.

Everybody will have all they need always so:

   · crime stops

· All the stress due to surviving and feeding your family or providing your family with a decent life ends, because a decent life for all is ensured

· To relax will be a human right as it should be

· Those who want children must first be approved to ensure that they are capable of raising a child - and if not they must first undergo an education. This will end child abuse from parents.

· Children will be educated on how to effectively direct emotions and feelings and thoughts so that they become self directed and will thus be stable and capable to handle various events. This will assist them not to become overwhelmed by emotions and act on it – like for example anger/rage resulting in violence. Resulting in a new era of effective humans.

This can only be achieved in a system where it’s not about surviving anymore, but about living. Our current system must stop, because as you can see it causes too much abuse and unnecessary pain and suffering. Like the OWS movement and other various protests we can see the abuse is becoming too much – it’s been too much for a very long time now.

We can start with the Basic Income Grant – where each gets a basic salary in order to support themselves. This will already end major suffering – it will end hunger and poverty if planned right. All we need is for the governments to allocate resources to the people instead of themselves. But the Basic Income Grant – although it would be a major improvement and must be implemented ASAP - is not a permanent solution.

We must start finding and implement permanent solutions to 99% the worldly problem we face today and with Equal Money we finally can.

So to sum up – there will still be some mental illnesses, but they will eventually cease to exist – even eventually those unlucky to be born with a disorder. We can in an Equal Money system allocate resources to isolate and eliminate the physical causes of being born with a disorder – otherwise it’s like a lottery - where some are doomed for a life inside a body not functioning properly. Rather give all Equal opportunity. Would you like it to be inside a broken body? I don’t think anybody wants that.

Join us.