Thursday, 13 October 2011

Shark Nets Brutal killers of Marine Life


Another whale died in Durban today that got caught in shark nets.  Most people praise the use of shark nets - There have been only 2 serious attacks on humans at the protected beaches in the last 30 years. That's Good right? No.nets_shark_seashepherd@body

In the last three decades 33 000 sharks have been trapped and killed in the nets of the Natal Sharks Board – along with 2000 turtles, 8000 rays and 2000 dolphin and whales. But at least people are safe.

Shark nets are designed to trap sharks – its made out of nylon mesh just large enough for sharks to become entangled, but not escape. The holes are 50cm big which is just big enough  to allow ocean current to go through it without damaging the net. To make the holes smaller would damage the nets and thus be more costly so the animals die suffocating.

So why are there shark nets? Does the government care about you as a person and want to keep you safe. No.

The Nets are there for MONEY. Having shark nets boost tourism by giving people a false sense of security. Happy tourist equals money. And at the end of the day money always comes first in this world.


We are sharing this earth with other beings and we have a duty to ensure their safety instead of killing them according to our wants and pleasures. So in an Equal Money System we can implement effective and harmless methods to deter sharks from swimming places if that is possible, because we wont be limited by the need for money to do it. Sharks nets as they are used today will not be used anymore – because the damage and harm it causes is unacceptable.

SO shark nets represents the horrible nature of man and the economy we have created – that humans and money will always take priority over life. Whereas with equal money life will always be the priority.

I grew up next to the ocean and took up body boarding and i enjoyed it allot and still do. I never knew that shark nets cause so much harm. I never considered what the nets actually do or even bothered to ask. Only since being involved with Desteni have i began questioning things in this world as well as looking at solutions – really started to care. 

So join us and be one vote for a equal world with a Equal Money System in order to end the use of shark nets for ever.