Sunday, 9 October 2011

Plan to Ban Steenbras fishing


The copper – also known as ‘the red rhino of the sea’  - threatened to a point of no return. This fish was once abundant but has disappeared from large parts of the coast along South Africa. The Steenbras which grows up to 150cm and weigh up to 52kg have been heavily over-exploited and tredsteenbrashis has lead to the fish becoming endangered with catch rates dropping 90% over the last 27 years.

Thus the government is looking at an outright ban on fishing the steenbras.

The Border Deep Sea Anglers Association suggested a four month closing season. This would not help, because the copper lives up to 33 years and only matures at around 8 years. If the fish at the brink of no return then how is stopping for 4 months going to help the situation?

I say complete ban. Its common sense. The fish is becoming scarce. That is the ONLY option to keep the specie alive. Nothing else would work here.

Commercial fisherman are not happy because that would would mean less money. The Border Deep Sea Anglers Association would not be happy because they loose ‘’a great catch’’.

So the deciding factors will always be based on money – whereas it should be based on life. That fish is also here on earth, sharing this earth with us, and thus a earthling. We have no right to wipe it out for our own enjoyment and the sake of money.

But then in this world system everything is about money and that would get priority over life – that is called common knowledge. But its complete bullshit. It doesn't have to be this way. We need to stop as look at the consequences of our actions  and take self responsibility.

In an Equal Money system the fishing of endangered fish would be banned. The Steenbras would be saved in a equal money system. Because it should be common sense – because life is far more important. There would be no need to overfish in the name of money and greed and competition because everybody would have all their needs taken care of. The only reason the Steenbras is almost extinct is because of survival of those that fish and need the money.

I never saw the world as something that can be changed. Actually i never even considered changing the way the world is. I grew up believing that the world is just the way it is and that life is just the way it is. All the shit that is happening i never saw myself as responsible for it.

But as I started with Desteni I began to see just how ignorant i was. I began to pay attention to what is happening in this world of ours and started to see for the first time that there is a MASSIVE problem. We are living completely oblivious to the consequences our actions have. We care more about money than anything else. We struggle to survive in this world in the name of money – but the funny thing is that we created money. And even more funny is that there is enough resources for the people of the world to live dignified lives – there is just not enough money.

So Desteni have assisted me with my wake up call and eye opener. Lifting the veil. To stop complaining and Take self responsibility. And as a added bonus provides a solution. To the human – (Desteni I Process) and to the World - The Equal Money System.

We seriously have to reconsider our human way of living or soon we will have a very limited variety of species left on earth and that would eventually be the end of us. We need them more than we like to admit.