Sunday, 2 October 2011

Occupy wall street – Idiocy


The People are unhappy. They are feeling discontent. The current economic system is not working well for them and they are angry at political leaders , corporate influence and other billionaires for having it all while the rest of the world – the other 99% don't have it all.Doggi for equality copy (Large)

They want justice, they want change – #occupywallstreet is  the ‘’peoples revolution’’.

Marching the streets and demanding change within this world is NOT a solution and will NOT change a thing. All that is being done is people are showing that they are not happy. But the fact is that our world leaders KNOW we are not happy.

What i don't understand is that throughout the decades it has been proven that corporates and leaders do not care. All they want is power and control. And we give them that not even realizing it.

Even the ACT of Protesting we give our power away – we are basically saying: ‘’ I want you to make me happy, because you have all the power’’. We are throwing tantrums! Like a child screaming for candy! 

In protesting we confirm that we cant change and take self responsibility. Because if we did take self responsibility for this world and see that we cant blame others for our misery – we would not protest – we would take action and change the world. But instead we are living in hope that one day we can have it all.

So well done in succeeding to confirm the power those few 1% have – making the 99% struggle. And instead of seeing that the 1% only controls most the world because WE ACCEPT AND ALLOW IT – we want them to give us some. We want them to change the system for us. We still go to those few to help us.

And that is just stupid.

Have a closer look at what is really happening here. They cannot give. That is not how this world economic system works – its not what politics is all about and its the opposite of what  the corporate capitalistic system is.

WE GIVE – THEY TAKE. If you are unhappy and struggling that means the economic system is working according to its design.

But the how do we change this? If we cant protest then how do we bring change?

What do we know – that governments, politicians, corporates, billionaires, all those who have it all do not do what is best for all – but ACT in self interest. and the funny thing is that we created it this way. We set up the governments and co. to have all the power. We created the World System.

We have to change the World System – We need to end capitalism, governments the fight between the have and the have nots. Because all it does is abuses.

We need a system that is based on equality – for ALL. We need a world where all actions and decisions are always based on what is best for all. A system where we are not defined as many nations – but as earthlings.

Because we all live on this world – why then do we have to fight and struggle to live? Its not necessary.

But this would not be easy – because to create a world based on equality and the principle that all humans have basic needs to live – we as the people have to become the change. Its the only way to ensure that we never harm and abuse for the sake of self interest and recreate a world system like we have now.

So you can either protest and be an activist – ACTivist -  actors are not real – or stop complaining and be the change you to see. Be the change and become real – become a practivist who practically stand up for Life and the end of abuse to ensure the creation of world that would be worth living in.

Take self responsibility for allowing a world like we have now to keep on existing while believing we have no power to stop it.

All it takes is one. And then another one+one+one+one+one+one until its done. We have no choice but to stand up. Remember what this world is – We created it – what does that say about us as humans?

Join us in the quest for a better world – we are also unhappy – we are also angry.

Guidelines for a new world system based on what is best for all – Equal Money System 

Guidelines to become the change and do what is best for all –