Thursday, 4 August 2011

What Ever Happened to Haiti???


It seems Like the media only focuses on a world disaster for a certain period of time. Haiti was a big one with many charities and celebrities and countries pledging assistance in the name of good (yea right).Haiti-Hanna_800953c

Allot of the resources promised to assist the people never held true. Still there are 600 000 people who live without shelter. The world simply moved on to the next entertaining and self severed opportunity.

Now the word ‘famine’ is thrown around. Famine is simply another word for human incompetence. The drought has little to do with the millions facing starvation – It has all to do with people in power not giving a fuck.

And that's another question: Who are those in power? Every single human. Yes, that includes you the reader. Power is what we define it to be. Each of us has the power to do what is necessary to be done to end famine.

Just like each of us used that power to create this wonderful world economic system, O art thou capitalism! We used our power to give value to rock(gold) and paper (money). Just so can we change it.

Back to the the heading – Haiti. There is an massive tropical storm heading that way. Few are able to evacuate. Those who are able to are being dependant on others because they supply them food. And then there's still 600 000 people with no shelter and not much being done to give them ay real long term assistance.

This kind of news is actually expected these days. Your typical story of people in dire need with a world not giving two shits about them. Because its has all become about money. It is the single most important thing in our lives. More important than others.

That has to change – Life should be the most important thing. But we cannot do that with how we are currently living. That is Why an Equal Money system is suggested – we can then use our power to create a whole new way of life. One where we live that which is best for all. Where the daily stories we read in the news will become non existent. And by using one man one vote this can be done.