Monday, 15 August 2011

Half The Food Aid is Being Stolen and Sold - Somalia


Thousands of sacks of food aid meant for Somalia’s famine victims have been stolen and are being sold at the markets.

3.2 Million Somalis are in need of food aid, nearly half the population. 29 000 children under the age of 5 already died.

Half  the food aid has become a rich business opportunity for those who steal it – it is being sold on the streets right under authorities.

Isn't this a beautiful world we live in?

That people have to sell stolen food just to survive. Knowing that Millions depend on the food. Its all about survival. This world is all about survival.

The Need to Survive always comes first. We have to ask why we choose to live in a world based on survival and competition. Yes i say choose – because we created the money system – we made it up. Gave paper value. And the world is revolving around that value.

Your Life and my life is based on that value. Without money you die.

So with a Equal Money System the Somalia Famine would work life this:

There would have been no civil war. War is based on power – power is based on money – and money is based on control. With an Equal Money System everybody would already have what they need from the moment you are born for the rest of your life.

The people that are being recruited and fighting these wars would have no reason to fight for freedom, Life, Country, family, protection, power whatever – Because you already have everything. There is nothing to take because you have everything. And there can be no war without the people

People would have the need to steal food to make money to survive – because they would already have everything.

Famine would be impossible – because measures would be in place to make sure every being has food.

If a country is hit by a disaster aid would be sent Immediately, would have to pay for it or wait for it.Part of the Equal Money System would be to asses countries or certain parts of the world to make sure the most effective prevention measures are in place in different scenarios.

We can either relocate people to designated areas already put in place. Like right now we have refugee camps. In a Equal Money System it would be possible to send people anywhere in the world until the disaster is sorted out. Not some crappy disease infested camp where thousands starve and die while politicians debate aid.

The Whole Situation would have been prevented in  a Equal Money System. The whole point of a equal money system is to basically create heaven on earth for every single being. And Since we wont be limited by money we can do ANYTHING.

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(art by Matti Freeman)