Sunday, 14 August 2011

Nature Destroys Music Festivals – Does Nature have a Particular Music Taste?


Nature had enough. Nature is calling for a end in all abuse. Nature iSugarland-Stage-Collapse-CountryMusicRocks.net_1-150x150s calling for Equality Music.

A Sudden big gush of wind caused a stage to collapse and snap like a twig, killing 5 fans and injuring another 40 people.

They say nobody could have foreseen the gush of wind. 

Earlier this month severe whether with heavy rain ended a block party festival when it caused the stage to collapse.

Last Month A severe storm toppled a stage where rock band Cheap Trick was performing.What is happening? Does nature have a particular dislike in music? Is nature trying to tell us something?

What would you do if you were nature? With humans abusing and misusing all life – believing themselves to be the alpha species and walking on earth with a complete disregard for life? Would you lash out - Spawn diseases, cause some ‘natural’ disasters?

I think Nature/Life can wipe us humans from the face of the earth – but we are not worth the effort.  

In Fact – all Nature has to do really is sit back and wait. On this current path we as a race are on we will eventually destroy ourselves.

Maybe the reason why Nature have not yet rid itself from us is because its giving us humans a chance. Instead nature is causing great suffering and pain. Slowly increasing disasters and other damaging efforts that effects us all. Just maybe the human will wake up - and change.

Because Nature is standing for Life – For Equality and Oneness and the end of all abuse.

We at Desteni say that a new world where life is valued above all else is possible. That we don't need to endure unnecessary suffering to change. That a solution is here, where the abuse and misuse of Life ENDS!

And where every being in earth doesn't have to pay to stay alive.

Equal Money System  for a better life for ALL beings including the animals and all other creatures and critters.

Join us, a growing group of equals slowly but surely bringing solutions and standing up as life for life. Join us at Desteni  if you see the need for change and want to be a part of it.

How to become the change – Desteni I process - This course changed not only my life, but many others to for the first time become aware that there is something more going on in this world – and that the source of the problem was me.

Time to get going and stop the madness that is infesting this world. Time for Life.