Tuesday, 30 August 2011

India - 40% of produce Wasted While Millions are Malnourished


Does this make any sense to you – India is the worlds second largest grower of fresh produce – yet houses more than a third of the worlds        150 Million malnourished children under 5 years of age. 20110830__ASAsiaFoodCrisis~p6_200

40% of the produce is wasted. The reason – Money. Always Money.

The problem lies in post harvesting – farmers cannot afford refrigerated trucks so allot of the fruit and veggies rot in transit. The roads are in poor condition so the produce gets damaged. And then there is the corruption – police actually hold trucks up demanding bribes before letting them go. The farmers have no choice but to pay the bribes otherwise the delay would cause their food to rot.

All of the above issues are money related. All of the above issues would not exist in an Equal Money System.

This wastage of food also causes inflation.

The Poor in India are angry. They do not understand why heaps and heaps of much needed food is wasted while they themselves cannot even afford potatoes.

The Government have plans – but then again all governments only have plans…

With Equal Money there is the fulfilment of plans. All decisions will be based on what is best for all. So lets look at this situation and how different it would in a system based on equality:

Short term:

Those roads will be fixed to ensure smooth transport

All farms will have refrigerated trucks – no, not the cheap unreliable ones.   The Best.

Corruption is based on survival and fear of having nothing and wanting     everything – with equal money survival ends, equalization of resources among all is established so in that bribing and corruption end.

Long term:

Automated harvest and transport machinery.

Express railways and or highways to ensure  that fast and effective transport is achieved from farmer to the public. Because we wont be limited by money this can be achieved. That would be in the best interest of everybody for the food to be fresh and readily available for everybody.

Many companies and people sell the same food in the name of money, With Equal Money all we need is a single department dealing in food as there will be no need for competition.

In a system based on equality it is understood that everybody needs to eat – and to withhold food from people and demanding pay is a crime against life.

So join us to make this a reality and end crimes against humanity – Permanently –

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