Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Unnamed Crimes!!!


I'm am referring to this video by Bernard Poolman - HERE

In this video unnamed crimes are being mentioned. What is a unnamed crime? These are crimes against humanity and life – but it is not seen as a crime. Everybody agrees to it and accept it as ‘’the way it is’’.

For Example – The rich stealing from the poor. The Rich uses the poor for labour so the poor actually do all the hard work, but the money goes to the rich. This is a crime against humanity – to use and abuse people like that – the wonderful world of capitalism.

Then the accepted belief that is being taught generation after generation – ‘’We must earn our living by the sweat of our brow’’.

What total bullshit – imagine what had to go through the persons head who came up with that. And then the persons head who accepts this belief blindly as truth – as the only way life is.

We as humanity created this current world and how it functions – we allowed the Few people to have it all while those who having nothing are eternally trapped by the hope that someday they also would have it all – if they work just hard enough – maybe.

In this video there is a section where laws are being explained. Basically – the Rich stay rich because those in power (given by all of us by the way) simply made laws that protect them – keeps them having it all and protecting themselves while keeping it away from the rest of humanity. The earths resources are nobodies to claim – it belongs to all who live on this planet and every being should have equal access to earth.

That would be made a reality in an Equal Money system. Have a look at what can be achieved in a system based on equality – we can then give every being the lifestyle of the rich. 

We have been conditioned for far too long to believe that we must slave around all day for most our lives just to make a living. What a joke.

All we have to do is consider that there is in fact another way. That we can change the way we live. Make it a life without these atrocious crimes that are generally accepted.

So join us in the quest for Equality for All – Equal Money Equal Life.

There is another way -