Thursday, 8 September 2011

Rhino Horns Now Poison Humans


In the desperate struggle to save the Rhinos from dehorning -  A new remedy for their horns developed by the Rhino and Lion Reserve in Kromdraai South Africa.

The Potion has no side effects to the Rhino although it has only been recorded and for a year.

Basically it keeps away natural parasites and humans. Unfortunately it is not lethal to humans, but causes headaches and convulsions when consumed.

Lets see if people will still use rhino horns or stop.

Again the fight to save the Rhino will become allot easier in an Equal Money System – all resources will be available to stop people killing the rhino.

The Only reason poachers risk their lives is for the money. And when you have a system based on equality with equal access and everybody always having the best available – why risk your life?

And then those who belief the bullshit that a Rhino’s horn is special would have to get it themselves – they wont be very successful.

So Join us to make this a reality – saving the Rhino with Equal Money.