Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Why is Education NOT the Way out of Poverty


In South Africa we have a mayor problem with the Education System. Each year there is a decline in average grade results despite the fact of the new education systems placed in that are made easier( dumbed down the education system).education-scholarship_cohdi_0

On average only 12% of Grade 6 students scored above 50% for mathematics.

South Africa is pushing for children to study hard – especially those who are in poverty saying that education is the way out of poverty.

Not True.

Have a look at what happened in Egypt – there were many people with many qualifications but there was simply not enough jobs or money.

You could spend the 12 years in school and another 3 – 9 years to pursue  a career only to find yourself in debt and without a job, because there are none.

That is the problem here – the children have no certainty of the future so why must they study?

Another problem here is the whole reason for the education system is to teach people how to make money to survive. Its all about money. Life is all about money.

There isn't enough money for everybody…The system is flawed.

If we consider a equal money system, education will change. It would focus more on what is here in terms of the earth and how to live on earth without harming earth. And allot of the professions today are purely based on the need to make money and serve no real other practical purpose.

In a equal money system the children will have certainty that what they are learning wont be useless or go to waste. There will be certainty regarding their future – they will always be supported.

Time for a Change – a real one.