Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Solution to Save Rainforests Indefinitely –Summit 2011

Representatives from 35 countries are seeking ways to presforesterve the worlds rainforests as they meet for a week in the Republic of Congo.

The Problem:

Simply put – Money.

The forests get razed to make space for cash crops like palm oil. The animals get captured to be sold as food or pets to make money. Logging is also a issue – cant have a forest without trees.

Poverty, Debt and Inequality

More than $US1300 billion is owed by the third world to rich countries (World Bank, 1988) and poor nations are paying rich nations $50 billion a year more than they are receiving in aid (Washington, 1991). Some of the countries with largest debts are also the countries with relatively large areas of rainforest left. To repay the huge amounts owed, these countries have to sacrifice their environment (as well as health and education). A spiral of poverty-induced ecological degradation occurs

All of these mayor  factors are because of MONEY.Deforestation-in-Novo--Pr-001

People have been holding Summits for years and no solution thus far has worked. We have to ask ourselves why? Why is deforestation increasing despite numerous efforts?

The answer is simple – people need money to live. And in that the environment comes out last.  This is how our world functions - money an debt – that is our World Economic System. And as long as this system stays there will be no way to save the Rainforests of our world.

The Final Permanent Practical Solution:

Again, simply put –the Equal Money System.

We have to change the current world system to a system where Life actually matters. And we can make that decision.

How will Rainforests be preserved in a Equal Money System:

Poverty, Debt and Inequality are all part of the current world system and will no longer be a part of the new Equal Money System as it is abusive and unnecessary.

There will be no need to cut the trees down, cull the animals and raze the trees to plant crops to make money to survive – everybody will be born equal and have more than enough to live from birth to death. Thus raping the forests will end.

We wont be limited by money and thus any means possible will be taken to ensure all beings have the necessities to live – food, water, security, housing, electricity, sanitation, internet etc..

Life will be considered as Life – If there are places that are harmed due to human presence we can investigate the best option to ensure the well being of the ecosystem, because money wont limit the options.

Clearly the only solution is an alternative World system. As long as money rules nature is doomed followed eventually by us. Join and be one vote for world equality before it is too late.