Sunday, 12 June 2011

Child Labour Best for Economy!


Over 155 million of the worlds children are engaged in life-threateniUSAWpalmerng jobs.

Child Labour is in great demand because its cheap and because children are naturally more docile, easier to discipline than adults, and too frightened to complain. We are destroying the youth in the name of profit – In the name of our so called amazing world economic system. Funny how its only amazing to those who have money.

This All so that the employer gets more money. Always about the money regardless of the consequences. This must end, obviously.

The Question is HOW? We can ban it all we want, the underlining cause will still be there which is money. Organisations and companies always look at the best way to maximize profit since profit is the name of the game of our economic system. If that is allowed to continue so will child labour.

A permanent solution however would be an Equal Money System. Where exploiting people, slaving people, abusing people wont exist. Then, Life will be the name of the game. Most of the companies currently that uses child labour will no longer exist, like gold mining. Gold has no practical application. It just looks pretty, apparently. A world where Life will actually matter.