Thursday, 9 June 2011

The System Yet Again Fails The Children


The Parents of a 8 year old girl were arrested after it has been revealed that they were offering their child for sex as a down payment for a loan.

Most see this and judge and blame the parents only – not realizing that this is what we as humanity has accepted and allowed. We are all participating daily in the very cause of this problem - MONEY

Our World economic system gives way to all forms of abuse – the need to survive drives many to do things that they rather would not do. We need food to live, we need proper housing and access to water etc. But most are denied these basic needs.

We can change that - 

And there is proof every second of every minute of every hour of every day that our monetary system fails not only the majority of humans – but the rest of the planet and every being on it.

In an Equal Money System this abuse will not be possible. Surviving will be replaced by Living. Life would be honoured and lived to the fullest – without the fears and worries that is involved with the lack of money.


An Equal Money System would not forsake anybody  - Be a part of the solution.