Tuesday, 7 June 2011

R45 Billion Donated So That Children can Suffer Longer


A global vaccine group backed by Microsoft tycoon Bforced_vaccinesill Gates has accumulated $3.1 Billion and askes donors for an additional $3.7 Billion to provide 243 million children in poor countries with cheaper vaccines against common childhood diseases like pneumonia and diarrhoea – the two biggest killers of children in poor countries.

Lets take a step back – this is seen as a great charity and brings joy to the ignorant  who believes this is a step towards a better humanity. When in fact this proves how sick and atrocious we truly are.

Firstly – these vaccines that were developed to have a better life without the sicknesses, but we have to pay for it – and somebody is cashing in big time. Something that lessens the suffering and keeps you from dying should be made available for FREE. But in this World Economic System you have to pay to be alive.

Secondly – What do you expect will happen to a child born with barely enough food or proper shelter from the weather and constantly exposed to a harsh environment? You are going to get SICK!

But its OK, here is a vaccine – now you can endure the same endless suffering of hunger and cold, BUT AT LEAST YOU WONT GET SICK!!

The Sickness is NOT the PRIMARY problem! It is the System! Our wonderful economic System. It doesn't provide for the poor. The Poor provide the system. 

Charity will never solve ANYTHING! All we are doing is prolonging the suffering.

In A Equal Money System properly researched vaccines would be made available for all for free!

Because to charge someone to stay alive is a CRIME! To make them PAY just to BREATHE is a CRIME! This will end in a Equal Money System. Preventive measures will be taken – everybody will have All basic needs taken care of. There will be no POOR of RICH. Everybody Equal.

And the fact that some are against the Equal Money System simply proves my point – that people do not care. Rather let the suffering continue than to stop it completely. This Abuse must end.

Angry and wondering what you can do? – Time to consider an alternative system where we can actually give a crap