Saturday, 16 July 2011

‘Boy Operates Clutch While Amputee Drives’


An Amputee came up with a novel to enable himself to drive. He only had a right leg so in order to drive his 6 year old son operated the clutch while he used his right leg for gas and breaks.

He was pulled over at a road block where police found he only had one leg. His light delivery vehicle owing to various mechanical problems- was suspended by police.

Many read this and react thinking to themselves how this man can put his son and others on the road in danger. MONEY.prosthetic leg

This man was shot resulting to an amputated leg. How is he supposed to work for money now? Who would employ a driver with one leg?

This man needed to make money and this was probably the only way. He was forced to put himself his son and others using the road in danger in order to make money to survive.

This world doesn't provide decent support for people unable to work. If you cant work life would be very difficult for you. That is how this world economic system operates. It only works for those participating and reaping the benefits of it – which us actually very few.

There is a mayor problem in this world. Economics.

That is why we suggest an Equal Money System. Where this amputee would have had an alternative choice. Not needed to suffer to stay alive. Amputees would be considered. They wont have to work if they are unable to. Prosthetics wont be made so that only those who can afford them can have  them – rather it should be given – and it will be given.

Its Time to reconsider. Time to put caring in action. Time to End Bullshit and present permanent solutions:

Equal Money.