Saturday, 2 July 2011

Poor won't reach goal to end hunger: UN

Many poor countries will fail to meet a UN goal of halving world hunger by 2015, the UN food agency's newly-elected Brazilian chief said on Friday in one of his first interviews since being nominated.

They say there 2 things missing in the equation to end world hunger - Resources and  and international cooperation.

What is meant by resources here? Food? NO. Money. Not enough money. We have enough food grown simply not the money. As for international cooperation - they function with money. We live in a world System where everything is moved with money. If you don't have enough money you cant cooperate.

It is impossible to end World Hunger with our current economic system.Why do you think hunger still exist to this day?We need an alternative system.

We Suggest an Equal Money System. World Hunger will end With a Equal Money System - because we wont need money to end hunger. That limitation will be out of the equation. We already have the resources available to provide food for all beings on earth. And with an Equal Money System we can do that.

Equal Money to end World Hunger.