Tuesday, 5 July 2011

And God Created the Braconid Wasp


Most believe nature to be beautiful – Gods creation. It is said that God is Everywhere and created everything. God knew what lay ahead before he even created earth. ladybug-cocoon-110621

Why did God create the Parasitic Braconid wasp? The female hunts for a  Seven Spotted Ladybird and then stings it and lays an egg inside the ladybirds body. Her grub hatches inside the ladybug and starts eating the bug alive. After 3 weeks of feasting on the bugs organs it burrows its way out of its host. The ladybird is still alive at this stage but unable to move due to the 3 week festival.

If that isn't bad enough – Once outside the grub spins a cocoon between the alive but paralyzed bugs legs. Since the ladybird cannot move it remains in place and unwittingly protects the cocoon for another week until the grub matures into a wasp. It then leaves the ladybug to eventually starve to death.

The ladybug stays alive during the whole event.

Isn't that beautiful? Why would God create such a being? Create  this kind of suffering? Kind of Sadistic Actually.

Would you create such a being if you had the power? How did God come up with this idea in the first place? What must go through your head to come up with something like this.

Its Horrific. Disgusting. Unnecessary. There no point to it. Why Would God want this Seven Spotted Ladybird to suffer such a death. This wasp only hunts for this specific bug. What did the insect do to deserve such a death?

Maybe when we die we each get a chance to experience the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom is that which he created. Which means we get to become this ladybird, awaiting that sting, being used for another's benefit – being paralyzed – unable to move – no freedom – protecting the very thing that enslaved us – until death do us apart.

Almost Like Money…