Thursday, 29 December 2011

Looking for a Solution to Save the Environment?


We have quite a few groups and organizations working towards saving certain animals or the environment or ending hunger and poverty. Here are a few:



Friends of the Earth

National Wildlife federation



Which is great and has made a difference to those effected. The major issue here is that these organizations are a reaction – a band aid. They are all depended on money which ironically is the main cause of the problems they are trying to fix. They are essentially the clean up crew.

There is simply no real permanent solution within our current world economic system. We cannot go on just cleaning up the mess of capitalism/greed. What we need is a World system that takes out the need for greed. That ends the Wrath of Wealth. That Ends the abuse where profit is more important than life.

The Equal Money system is an Environmentalistic World System. Its is the End of Poverty. It is the End of Hunger. Its is the End of the need for activism and charity, because the main cause would not exist anymore.

If you are for the environment and the end of abuse then the Equal Money system  is for you. Its is no longer an option – but a dire necessity for an alternative lifestyle where all life is considered.

Join us to make this a reality – For the world to change we must change – become the change here – 


Since where in the Christmas festive season here is a song that shows what Christmas really is about: