Saturday, 17 September 2011

Electricity Should be a Human Right


With the technology that is out today it is shocking that 1.6 billion people live without electricity.

Just for one moment have a look at how different and difficult your life would be without it. And many still live with that difficulty and limitation. All the resources are available to provide all of humanity with power – its just that they cant afford it.

And if you can afford it it still costs allot of money – but we have no choice but to pay because if we don't we get cut off. And without electricity you cant do anything.

So here we as humans again have to pay for something that is essential in our daily lives – in fact – we have become so dependant on electricity that it has become a basic need and not a luxury.

So why isn't electricity a Human Right? Why isn't basic human needs like shelter, food, life a Human Right?   Why is this world so that we have to pay just to breathe another day?

MONEY! Where the profit in charity??

If we were in an equal money system it would have been a different story. Electricity will be a human right – just like food (decent food) shelter (decent homes) and a life with endless equal opportunity.

Some say that there isn't enough electricity to go around. We say that in an equal money system it will be made sure that everybody has electricity and the power consumption will be reduced considerably.

Have a look at how many companies make fridges for example. All ranging different price range and all made to break. so they are constantly producing new fridges to make money and in this consume power.

Whereas in a equal money system fridges will be made with such quality that they last a frieken lifetime – or more – well see what we can do. And in this power consumption  is reduced. Allot. All products will be made to last – because there will be no need for competition and consumerism as a capitalistic method of greed and survival. 

So. To pay juts to breathe another day – to pay just to live in this world is a crime against humanity, against Life and is simply unacceptable.

IF you agree that electricity should be a human right join us in the quest for an equal world –