Sunday, 30 October 2011

Will There Be Luxurious Hotels in an Equal Money System?


Let’s first look at what is needed for a 5 star hotel to operate – slaves. The Modern day name for slaves is servants. They are the ones doing all the work like cleaning, washing, cooking etc. so that those with more money can have a good time. In an Equal Money System there will be no more slaves to clean up after yourself so that aspect of hotel life will no longer exist. We are going to have to clean up after ourselves. Then there is the food. We will have to see what works best but it would probably be a self service situation.

The reason why luxurious Hotels exist today is for people to make money off people wanting a vacation or relaxing. They are usually situated in good and beautiful areas with various activities that again only exist to make money. So in Equal Money System where you won’t need money to survive allot of things will end.

There will be no more luxurious hotels as they exist today in and Equal Money System. They will more be based on self help, a short visit for those who wants some fun and see different things. We will have to consider the space and impact and maintenance the particular hotel has and make an assessment whether it Is practical to actually keep it or use the space for something else like  housing for people. Making sure everybody has a home would be a main priority.

With no more slaves to do all the work those who stay would have to help out. You will find that maintaining a luxurious hotel is actually is a bit of work. Remember that life in a Equal Money System will not be about making money, but simply about living in a practical and effective way that will always be best for all – that includes nature. That is the basic principle of the new system – Life.

Is it Possible to live in a World without Mental illness?


Will people still have mental illnesses in an equal money system?

There will definitely be less. You are either born with a mental illnesAA034249s or you develop it in your life based on how you handle experiences. So let’s look at some causes for mental illnesses and how it will change in an Equal Money System.

The environment like where you live – if you live In a place with high crime rate in can be very stressful. If you don’t have proper shelter or struggle to get enough money to feed the family that too can have an impact on you. The job you have could place too much pressure on you or you can’t keep a job. PTSD and anxiety are commonly found in people who have been abused. Then also it depends on your support structure from family or friends – either you don’t have anybody to support you in a crisis or they are incapable. Also how your parents raised you effects who you are today. If you get enough time to relax has a role on self development – if you are too busy to relax this can cause some undesired consequences.

Another factor in causes of mental illnesses is education. We are not taught how to effectively handle our emotions and feelings during events. Sure there are psychologists, but that is after the event and not a preventive point.

Almost all of the above mentioned causes can be related back to MONEY. Crime is mostly about the need for money. The stressful job is about the money. Stress due to not being able to feed you r family or keep a job are major factors in why parents become alcoholics or addicts and then abuse their children – and when the children grow up they will most likely also abuse their children and thus a vicious cycle starts. And whether you can relax or not also depends on the money you have.

So in an Equal Money System all that no longer exists.

Everybody will have all they need always so:

   · crime stops

· All the stress due to surviving and feeding your family or providing your family with a decent life ends, because a decent life for all is ensured

· To relax will be a human right as it should be

· Those who want children must first be approved to ensure that they are capable of raising a child - and if not they must first undergo an education. This will end child abuse from parents.

· Children will be educated on how to effectively direct emotions and feelings and thoughts so that they become self directed and will thus be stable and capable to handle various events. This will assist them not to become overwhelmed by emotions and act on it – like for example anger/rage resulting in violence. Resulting in a new era of effective humans.

This can only be achieved in a system where it’s not about surviving anymore, but about living. Our current system must stop, because as you can see it causes too much abuse and unnecessary pain and suffering. Like the OWS movement and other various protests we can see the abuse is becoming too much – it’s been too much for a very long time now.

We can start with the Basic Income Grant – where each gets a basic salary in order to support themselves. This will already end major suffering – it will end hunger and poverty if planned right. All we need is for the governments to allocate resources to the people instead of themselves. But the Basic Income Grant – although it would be a major improvement and must be implemented ASAP - is not a permanent solution.

We must start finding and implement permanent solutions to 99% the worldly problem we face today and with Equal Money we finally can.

So to sum up – there will still be some mental illnesses, but they will eventually cease to exist – even eventually those unlucky to be born with a disorder. We can in an Equal Money system allocate resources to isolate and eliminate the physical causes of being born with a disorder – otherwise it’s like a lottery - where some are doomed for a life inside a body not functioning properly. Rather give all Equal opportunity. Would you like it to be inside a broken body? I don’t think anybody wants that.

Join us.

Saturday, 29 October 2011

When will the News stop being horrible?

Will the news be the same on TV in an Equal Money System?


There will be no more stories on poverty, because it wont exist anymore

There will be no more stories on wars, because it wont exist anymore

There will be no more stories on corruption, because it wont exist anymore

There will be no more stories on prise hiking's, because it wont exist anymore

There will be no more stories on activist getting killed for standing up for a better world, because  an equal money system is a better world.

Basically the news would be more cheerful – Headlines reading ‘’POVERTY ENDS AT LAST’’ and “GLOBAL WARMING COOLING DOWN” OR ”WHY DIDN’T WE DO THIS SOONER?” .

The news today represents abuse – The world is driven by money and many journalist fabricate lies to make stories more interesting or news reporters spewing bull crap for mass media brainwashing. And its all motivated by money. What will happen if we live in a society where its not about the money anymore? Life will become about Life – everybody living a decent life.

So News will be allot different – not anymore controlled through money but done by people who actually like doing it – for the good of the people rather than the good for the corporations. And with 99% of the worlds problems solved we will all be hearing and reading REAL news about Life for the first time. Stop imagining it - make it  a reality with us – join us here for the solution : Desteni

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Saving Orphan Elephants–A Permanent Solution


A survey done in 1979 estimated that there was about 1.3 million African elephants. Today there is only about 500,000 left. The decline is due to poachers and loss of habitat to human development.

Poachers sell the Tusk and many eat or sell the meat. Then there is the farmers battle with the huge beings for farm land, because the elephants destroy it. IN these conflicts the farmer has a choice – either let the elephant destroy crops and loose money resulting in more difficulty surviving OR kill them and SAVE money and make surviving easier. For the Farmer the choice is obvious.

And so when they kill the older parent elephants and the babies who have nowhere to go or to take care of them are left to die. Thus the formation of the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust which is the worlds most successful orphan-elephant rescue and rehabilitation centre. They take in the traumatized babies and hand rear them until they are strong and big enough to go back to the wild.

Here we have cause and effect starting with MONEY– the need for money to survive drove people to kill the elephants because its always a choice between feeding yourself or starving/ kill the elephant or let it live. This then resulted in a massive decline in elephant population which in turn drove the formation of a group to clean up the mess and save the elephants.

The big problem here is money and as long as we require money to survive in this world the elephants have a very dark future or rather no future. We must start to reconsider our economic system. The consequences of our currents system is not what is best for all. That is where Equal Money System comes in which represents a permanent solution.

The poachers wont need to kill the elephant for tusks for money for surviving. The farmers is another problem. We will have to look at if their presence there is really necessary – if not then we leave it for the elephants. We can even rebuild their natural habitat because we wont be limited by money. And there are many animal enthusiast who already are dedicating their lives for the betterment of the animals who would jump at an opportunity to assist and support them in a permanent solution. Here it is.

So to all those dedicated to better life for all join us to make this a reality. Imagine what we can accomplish when we are not limited by money. We can then only start with the permanent solutions because the main cause for the suffering of the animals would be removed only an equal money system.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Shark Nets Brutal killers of Marine Life


Another whale died in Durban today that got caught in shark nets.  Most people praise the use of shark nets - There have been only 2 serious attacks on humans at the protected beaches in the last 30 years. That's Good right? No.nets_shark_seashepherd@body

In the last three decades 33 000 sharks have been trapped and killed in the nets of the Natal Sharks Board – along with 2000 turtles, 8000 rays and 2000 dolphin and whales. But at least people are safe.

Shark nets are designed to trap sharks – its made out of nylon mesh just large enough for sharks to become entangled, but not escape. The holes are 50cm big which is just big enough  to allow ocean current to go through it without damaging the net. To make the holes smaller would damage the nets and thus be more costly so the animals die suffocating.

So why are there shark nets? Does the government care about you as a person and want to keep you safe. No.

The Nets are there for MONEY. Having shark nets boost tourism by giving people a false sense of security. Happy tourist equals money. And at the end of the day money always comes first in this world.


We are sharing this earth with other beings and we have a duty to ensure their safety instead of killing them according to our wants and pleasures. So in an Equal Money System we can implement effective and harmless methods to deter sharks from swimming places if that is possible, because we wont be limited by the need for money to do it. Sharks nets as they are used today will not be used anymore – because the damage and harm it causes is unacceptable.

SO shark nets represents the horrible nature of man and the economy we have created – that humans and money will always take priority over life. Whereas with equal money life will always be the priority.

I grew up next to the ocean and took up body boarding and i enjoyed it allot and still do. I never knew that shark nets cause so much harm. I never considered what the nets actually do or even bothered to ask. Only since being involved with Desteni have i began questioning things in this world as well as looking at solutions – really started to care. 

So join us and be one vote for a equal world with a Equal Money System in order to end the use of shark nets for ever.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Plan to Ban Steenbras fishing


The copper – also known as ‘the red rhino of the sea’  - threatened to a point of no return. This fish was once abundant but has disappeared from large parts of the coast along South Africa. The Steenbras which grows up to 150cm and weigh up to 52kg have been heavily over-exploited and tredsteenbrashis has lead to the fish becoming endangered with catch rates dropping 90% over the last 27 years.

Thus the government is looking at an outright ban on fishing the steenbras.

The Border Deep Sea Anglers Association suggested a four month closing season. This would not help, because the copper lives up to 33 years and only matures at around 8 years. If the fish at the brink of no return then how is stopping for 4 months going to help the situation?

I say complete ban. Its common sense. The fish is becoming scarce. That is the ONLY option to keep the specie alive. Nothing else would work here.

Commercial fisherman are not happy because that would would mean less money. The Border Deep Sea Anglers Association would not be happy because they loose ‘’a great catch’’.

So the deciding factors will always be based on money – whereas it should be based on life. That fish is also here on earth, sharing this earth with us, and thus a earthling. We have no right to wipe it out for our own enjoyment and the sake of money.

But then in this world system everything is about money and that would get priority over life – that is called common knowledge. But its complete bullshit. It doesn't have to be this way. We need to stop as look at the consequences of our actions  and take self responsibility.

In an Equal Money system the fishing of endangered fish would be banned. The Steenbras would be saved in a equal money system. Because it should be common sense – because life is far more important. There would be no need to overfish in the name of money and greed and competition because everybody would have all their needs taken care of. The only reason the Steenbras is almost extinct is because of survival of those that fish and need the money.

I never saw the world as something that can be changed. Actually i never even considered changing the way the world is. I grew up believing that the world is just the way it is and that life is just the way it is. All the shit that is happening i never saw myself as responsible for it.

But as I started with Desteni I began to see just how ignorant i was. I began to pay attention to what is happening in this world of ours and started to see for the first time that there is a MASSIVE problem. We are living completely oblivious to the consequences our actions have. We care more about money than anything else. We struggle to survive in this world in the name of money – but the funny thing is that we created money. And even more funny is that there is enough resources for the people of the world to live dignified lives – there is just not enough money.

So Desteni have assisted me with my wake up call and eye opener. Lifting the veil. To stop complaining and Take self responsibility. And as a added bonus provides a solution. To the human – (Desteni I Process) and to the World - The Equal Money System.

We seriously have to reconsider our human way of living or soon we will have a very limited variety of species left on earth and that would eventually be the end of us. We need them more than we like to admit.

Friday, 7 October 2011

Samsung Sues–Who Really has the Right?


Samsung and Apple keep on fighting each other. Samsung now wants to ban the sales of iPhone 4S. They claim that Apple is violating THEIR intellectual property rights and freeriding THEIR technology.  Its like two spoilt children throwing tantrums.

Isn't this retarded? The way our world functions?

Lets go to the beginning process of inventing something cool -  Like the cellphone.

Here you have a device that would change the way we live. It would make peoples lives easier and eventually become totally futuristic with all sorts of cool features of which some is just stupid and some really handy.

The first thing that comes to mind is MONEY. I will make lots of money with this. Because that is how our world system works. No Matter how it would benefit humanity – it would be sold for money so the sellers can become wealthy.

It would never be made for free. It would be copyrighted and protected so that no other may use it for making money. Its in the best interest of the company that they protect their money at all cost – “screw humanity, we want money”.

Wouldn't it be better to look at it this way – Would this benefit humanity as a whole? If yes then it should be made available for all. Why do do only those with money get to be apart in this this world? Who’s world is this by the way?

Do those few really have the right? Shouldn't it be a right – a human right – that everybody that is born in this world have access to the world. Is this not our world? Isnt it unfair that a few people came up with an awesome concept – like the car – and then only those with enough money can have it?

Does it really have to be this way? No. I think it is retarded and unfair.

That is why I vote for an equal money system. Where we will not be countries, but earthlings. Everybody born equal with everyone having an equal opportunity at life with fear of survival will be non existent.

Where inventions and ideas and products that benefit the people will be available for the people. Practically free depending on what it is. Like electricity.

Our current World System is so retarded that people actually have to pay for food to live – and you know the truly horrible thing – if you cant pay for it you die! Yes, and we are all ok with that. We made it this way – what does that say about us…

Its time we stop being retarded. Become educated. Join Equal money. If you believe caring to be a feeling you are delusional and need to go here –

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Cheapest Tablet - Access to the Digital World for ALL


India announced the Launch of what is dubbed the cheapest Tablet in the world going for $35.  Considering the price of an average Tablet  its not too bad actually.

The reason for a cheap tablet is to give the poorer and orimagesdinary people who cannot afford it access to the digital world. As well as give the poorer students the option of distance learning.  The Government is going to give away 100 000 tablets for free to poorer students.

Now the basic idea around this is cool – why should the rich only have access to everything – although India should first sort out the basics. Like feeding hungry people and all those other basic needs. But this tablet is not meant for the really really poor people only for those who can pay a bit and keep things moving like money and capitalism.

Also another point to look at here is the retail price for the iPad is about $629  - Does it really cost that much to make? Of course not. It can sell for that much because its for an exclusive market that rakes in the cash. Yeay capitalism.

The world is becoming more and more digital with the ever expanding internet, but it is still unfortunately a luxury most cannot really afford. The internet will become more  a part of us in the future – so much so that it would be one of our basic needs. And in a equal money system the Internet will be a human right as well.

But first lets sort out hunger and poverty and housing and electricity and sanitation and destruction of nature and countries and wars and famine and corruption and abuse and and and and and and and and and and etc.

How do we do that? With Equal Money. Join US. Real solutions. Real change. Real people coming together in the quest for equality for all.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Occupy wall street – Idiocy


The People are unhappy. They are feeling discontent. The current economic system is not working well for them and they are angry at political leaders , corporate influence and other billionaires for having it all while the rest of the world – the other 99% don't have it all.Doggi for equality copy (Large)

They want justice, they want change – #occupywallstreet is  the ‘’peoples revolution’’.

Marching the streets and demanding change within this world is NOT a solution and will NOT change a thing. All that is being done is people are showing that they are not happy. But the fact is that our world leaders KNOW we are not happy.

What i don't understand is that throughout the decades it has been proven that corporates and leaders do not care. All they want is power and control. And we give them that not even realizing it.

Even the ACT of Protesting we give our power away – we are basically saying: ‘’ I want you to make me happy, because you have all the power’’. We are throwing tantrums! Like a child screaming for candy! 

In protesting we confirm that we cant change and take self responsibility. Because if we did take self responsibility for this world and see that we cant blame others for our misery – we would not protest – we would take action and change the world. But instead we are living in hope that one day we can have it all.

So well done in succeeding to confirm the power those few 1% have – making the 99% struggle. And instead of seeing that the 1% only controls most the world because WE ACCEPT AND ALLOW IT – we want them to give us some. We want them to change the system for us. We still go to those few to help us.

And that is just stupid.

Have a closer look at what is really happening here. They cannot give. That is not how this world economic system works – its not what politics is all about and its the opposite of what  the corporate capitalistic system is.

WE GIVE – THEY TAKE. If you are unhappy and struggling that means the economic system is working according to its design.

But the how do we change this? If we cant protest then how do we bring change?

What do we know – that governments, politicians, corporates, billionaires, all those who have it all do not do what is best for all – but ACT in self interest. and the funny thing is that we created it this way. We set up the governments and co. to have all the power. We created the World System.

We have to change the World System – We need to end capitalism, governments the fight between the have and the have nots. Because all it does is abuses.

We need a system that is based on equality – for ALL. We need a world where all actions and decisions are always based on what is best for all. A system where we are not defined as many nations – but as earthlings.

Because we all live on this world – why then do we have to fight and struggle to live? Its not necessary.

But this would not be easy – because to create a world based on equality and the principle that all humans have basic needs to live – we as the people have to become the change. Its the only way to ensure that we never harm and abuse for the sake of self interest and recreate a world system like we have now.

So you can either protest and be an activist – ACTivist -  actors are not real – or stop complaining and be the change you to see. Be the change and become real – become a practivist who practically stand up for Life and the end of abuse to ensure the creation of world that would be worth living in.

Take self responsibility for allowing a world like we have now to keep on existing while believing we have no power to stop it.

All it takes is one. And then another one+one+one+one+one+one until its done. We have no choice but to stand up. Remember what this world is – We created it – what does that say about us as humans?

Join us in the quest for a better world – we are also unhappy – we are also angry.

Guidelines for a new world system based on what is best for all – Equal Money System 

Guidelines to become the change and do what is best for all –